It is my desire to engage the people of Calvary Church in Proctorsville, Vermont in a further discussion of the sermons that are preached in order to see that the seed of God’s Word that was planted begin to germinate and bring new life. Thru this blog we will look in more detail at the sermons and texts that are preached, you will get to share your ideas, what really “hit home” and made sense to you, and what you feel the Lord is doing in your life thru the ministry of God Word. We will also look at other topics of interest, and other portions, passages, and players in Scripture. If there is a particular topic that interests you, or you have questions about God’s Word, this is the place to share our thoughts, understanding, and love for Jesus as we walk in this journey together.

For those folks who don’t attend Calvary Church, you are most welcome to listen to the current sermon under discussion at www.calvarychurchvt.com so we’ll all be on the same page before we dive in, and please do add your thoughts! May this tool be a blessing to your spiritual walk and growth in Christ as He matures our faith and love for Him!

Richest Blessings,

Pastor Joseph Arnold


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