Bible Reading for 2012


If the only Word you are getting is from the Sunday morning sermon, you are MISSING OUT and doing yourself a diservice. One of the GREATEST things you can do to grow in your Christian walk is to read the Bible, every day. Here is a 365 day plan to read the entire Bible through!

365 Day Bible Reading Plan

Already been reading the Bible through every year? Kick it up a notch with the program below. Following this guide will get you through the Old Testament in one year, Psalms/Proverbs once a month, ALL 4 Gospels once a month, and the entire New Testament from Acts – Revelation three times in a year! Now, you don’t have to read the daily selections all at once….Here’s what I’ve done: OT in the morning before work, Psalm/Proverbs at my first 15 min break, Gospels in the afternoon (either at lunch, last break, or shortly after coming home), and then the NT selection at night sometime before bed. In total you will be reading at least (some days a chapter or two more) 2 chapters in the OT, 5 Psalms & 1 Proverb, 3 Chapters of the Gospels, and 1 chapter of the NT. It may be a challenge, but if you’ll let yourself feel the burn, your spiritual muscles will grow!  

Bible Reading 2012

Don’t like those options? Customize a Bible Reading program to your own preferences! Select what you want to read in the time you select AND you can sign up to read it online, get it in your email, or listen to it online! Go to:


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